How To Hire A Great Freelance Web Designer  ?

Before hiring a freelance web designer (web developer) or agency in washin you should consider all the following. Re-order this list depending on your own priorities and requirements.


The first thing you need to define is your goal. Are you looking for a simple small business website or an enterprise level e-commerce solution? Do you have an established brand or are you looking for a new design ? Do you need related services such as copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO) or social media integration ? Make sure that you have a clearly defined goal or goals, and that you can clearly communicate them, before hiring a web designer. If you are not sure what you need you can not explain it to your prospective designer!





Now that you defined your goal you need to look at the portfolio of prospective web designers. Does their design style match your vision? Is their work similar to the type of project that you have in mind ? Most web designers show only some of their work at the same time. If you want to see specific types of samples feel; free to ask; if a web designer has related samples her or she will be happy to oblige. And if not it is always better to find out early.




This is a great opportunity to see how well you connect with a website designer and how well you believe you can work together. Regardless if the interview is in person, on the phone, or via Skype or Google Chat it helps to have a list of questions prepared beforehand.



Time is an important factor in any web design/development project. This is especially true if you need your new website for a new product launch, store opening, or other milestone event. Before you hire a web designer (web developer)  make sure that they can handle you and your project in a timely manner. And keep in mind to consider your own ability to respond to questions and review design concepts.



Communication is key in any project involving multiple parties. Outline your own communication style and needs and make sure you understand and agree to the methods of communication used by your designer. It is also a good idea to mention up front if you will unavailable during any phase or part of the project before you get started.



You are looking to hire a professional to handle your project. Make sure you find out if their experience matches your needs. It doesn’t really matter how wonderful a web designer is if their strength is in designing blogs and you need an e-commerce site. So before you hire a web designer ask what kind of projects they have worked on. Find out if they have worked on comparable projects for clients similar to your business.



Most likely your new website is a big investment in your business. And it has to give you measurable results. What is the success record of your prospective designer? Find out how your web designer is planning to meet your expectations, and if their approach was successful in the past. Keep in mind that there are both long-term and short-term results, so be sure to find out about both.



The best website designer in the world is not going to do you much good if you can’t afford them! Before you hire a designer you need to find out how they charge for their work. Most web design projects are either project or flat-fee based, or billed by the hour. The first protects you from unexpected cost overruns, but it works best if you have a very clear understanding of what you need. If you are not sure or want greater flexibility you may have to consider paying by the hour.



This is a confusing area for most people. Under US Copyright Laws the creator of a design own the rights to it. But any respectable designer or agency has no problem signing over full usage rights provided  they can use the design for their own marketing purposes, such as in their portfolio. If you have any specific usage and ownership rights concerns be sure to discuss them with your designer or your legal adviser. And keep in mind that while you may have ownership rights in most cases that does not let you to change the design without permission from the designer.



As with any complex project it helps to have a plan or process to complete it. Find out if your designer has a process, and ask them to explain it to you. Have them walk you through their process step-by-step and ask questions along the way. Here are some questions your web designer will ask you at the start of your project.


If you are still not sure about hiring a professional web designer or web design agency don’t worry! Simply reach out and contact us. Our expert team will listen to you, answer your questions, and find the best way for your business to get the online presence you need. That is one of our specialties, after all!