Single Page vs Multi-Page Design For Small Business Websites

Since in the ever changing and fast technological paced world we are living in, an online presence is necessary for one’s business, the question becomes which type of design should you use for your small business website ? The choice for a small business’s online presence at the time (May 5th 2018) of this writing seems to be between a one-page website and the traditional multi-page website. The question you should ask yourself as the small business owner is: "Which one of these designs is better for my business?"


Does your business only sell a few products and/ or services? Is your content small, to the point and not very technical? If you have answered yes to the previous questions then a one-page website is the ideal choice for you and your business. These websites are simpler, modern and are based on captivating images and text that engage the (website) visitors. Within the past few years one-page websites have become really popular and are being adopted by well-known brands for particular promotions.


The down side to one page websites is that too much visual slows the page load time which may cause users to leave the page before it
fully loads, losing the impact. Search engine optimization also becomes a task as there may not be enough keywords to boost your site to the top of search rankings.


If your audience is more traditional in nature and you need to present detailed, more technical information, then a one-page website would not be suitable for you. Multi-page websites help to spread technical information about your products and services. You can have a summary on your landing page and/or a featured product which links to another page with more details of the same product and/ or service.

These websites are especially great for e-commerce type businesses where one needs to showcase each product individually. When choosing multi-page websites however, you must also be careful as more content does not always mean a better site. Today’s internet users are lazy and too much content on a site could result in users leaving the site without reading everything.


I hope this article helps to make your decision a bit easier. Both one-page and multi-page websites can be very powerful in their own way. The choice is yours to make as to which one will better sell your business to internet users.


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